Posts from ‘May, 2007’

Herren Pils


Stuttgart yard-brew make this delicious beer, Herren Pils it is has a fresh crisp taste and is very popular around the Stuttgart area of Germany. The brewery makes beer using the Bavarian purity law which forbids nasty preservatives and chemical additives to the beer. Read the rest of this entry »

XXXX Bitter


Poor old XXXX beer has a bit of a identity complex in Australia, it just isn’t popular outside of Queensland and the southern Carlton United products like VB and Carton Mid Strength are eating into its Queensland territory. It’s a bit of a shame because for an Australian beer it isn’t a bad drop. It’s crisp and has a good bitter taste delightful infact on a warm Queensland day- or any day for that matter.
I think people down south should give the poor old XXXX another go- it’s not what you think, maybe years ago it wasn’t all that desirable but I’m sure you will enjoy it if you have another go- and its still beer so your mates wont think you’re a pansy! Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Mini Pizzas


The best mini pizzas I have ever had can be found in a little lane called Salvadego which runs off the north west corner of St Marco’s Piazza (St. Mark’s Square) in Venice. The cheese, sauce and topping are delicious and the soft base is delightful and for only an Euro and 20c – beleive me you won’t be able to stop at just one. It’s too hard to decide whether the olive one is better than the mushroom one. If you are ever in Venice make sure you try a few! Read the rest of this entry »

Munich’s Lions


During the Football World Cup in 2006 Munich’s local businesses and the city decorated huge fibreglass lions. All of them were decorated in different poses and painted in corporate colours or in interesting ways. The lions were enjoyed so much that many of them remain and do a very good job brightening up the city. Read the rest of this entry »