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Munich’s Olympiaturm


The Olympic tower or Olympiaturm rises 290m into the Munich’s sky and offers magnificent views of the Olympia parklands and surrounding city on a clear day you can even see the Alps. Built primarily as a communications to support the 1972 Olympic Games the tower houses a gourmet revolving restaurant with a 360 degree trip taking 49 minutes. The tower does have observation deck with fantastic inside and outside views but it is a little hard to find the entrance. The complex seems to promote the attraction as the world’s highest rock and roll museum. Which it is not quiet, there’s a heap of tickets and posters and the odd item on show from some of the big names who have played the stadium over the 30 odd years

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Dubai to knock back Hooters plan

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The popular restaurant chain Hooters which is very popular throughout the US for its food, well lets face it- it’s hot waitresses wearing tight T Shirts and short orange shorts has sold franchises rights to a company in Dubai for a Dubai chain of restaurants. The plan was going pretty well and with so many American and western people working or visiting this booming city the owners of the chain could see huge success awaiting, with the first Hooters expecting to open later this year. Then along came the Dubai Department of Economic Development and they pointed out that hot waitresses wearing tight T shirts and shorts isn’t really the thing to do in Dubai as it is in violation of the Muslim Emirate’s “Religion, tradition and Culture”. So we now have a bit of a stand off and it looks like Dubai Hooters may not get to its opening day, which some say cast doubts on some other western concepts being tried in the region. Time will tell whether the mighty dollar or tradition and culture win. Read the rest of this entry »

Orlando – Theme park family fun

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Orlando in central Florida is home to plenty of retirees in Bombay shorts and white shoes and socks and the world’s biggest theme parks. There’s the huge Disneyworld complex, Universal Studios, Seaworld just to name some of the big ones. Then there’s the smaller more kitschy ones like Gatorworld or Ripley’s Believe it or not and even The Holy Land Experience. Orlando would have to be one of the best places for family fun especially if you like standing in a queue.
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Got a whole lota money and its ready to burn….

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Get your rhinestones on and put all your money on the black. This ad has it all, the glitz and glamour of downtown Las Vegas. The floorshows, the flashing lights the one elbow bandits and a the King himself singing one of his signature tunes. Turn your speakers up kick back and enjoy the fun.

Acthung! Hot Chips


We have all seen vending machines serving soft drinks, coffee and chocolates and even vending machine restaurants in Japan, but here’s a first, sitting quietly on a subway station in the German City of Berlin is this amazing machine – it cooks and serves hot chips or pommes as the Europeans like to call them. You put your Euro in the slot press a button, a lot of noises go on then in 45 short seconds (and hopefully before your train arrives) a bucket of crisp freshly fried hot steaming chips appear… Delicious

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World’s biggest pineapple


Well in case you haven’t noticed here at Tripandom we love everything kitsch and what could be more kitsch than a giant 30ft fiberglass pineapple. This magnificent structure is on Queensland Australia’s Sunshine Coast outside the town of Caloundra. The pineapple is part of a tourist park and pineapple plantation. Here visitors can see how these tasty sweet fruits are grown on a wonderful train ride. Visitors also can join the Nutmobile to see how macadamia nuts are grown. There’s a animal park, and a number of other great family attractions on hand plus a great cafe and of course the gift shop. Read the rest of this entry »

A great place to vusut- New Zealand

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You have got to love the New Zealand accent and their beautiful country. There’s more than sheep on the land of the long white cloud there is some of the worlds most spectacular wilderness, great adventures and really fun loving friendly locals.- they just talk a bit funny!

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Sci-Fi Car Silo


Wolfsburg is a city in northern Germany that is home to the huge Volkswagen factory which produces the Golf. At their factory the company has what could only be described as a theme park caled the AutoStadt with attractions, car displays and beautiful gardens plus a great factory tour. Many people flock to the park to pick up their new VW which they collect from a huge 20 story silo which looks like something from the Matrix or some other Sci-Fi film. Here brand new cars are stacked 20 high and giant lifts move up a central shaft placing the vehicle in position; it is quiet an engineering feat. VW have a similar silo at the Dresden factory where they assemble the Bentley and Phanteom luxury range of vehicles.

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On top of the bottom of the world- almost


Mt Wellington in Hobart the capital of Tasmania, the small triangle island off the southern coast of Australia offers some of the most spectacular view on earth. Being just 20 minutes from the centre of Hobart the peak rises 1270 metres and gives breath taking views of the city, Derwent River and the south arm of the Tasman peninsular. Recently a visitors centre and walkway have been added to help visitors enjoy this beautiful part of the world even more. The Aboriginal name for Mt Wellington is Unghbanyahletta or Poorawetter but was named Mt Wellington after the Duke of Wellington by the English. Charles Darwin is one of the more notable climbers, he visited in 1836 during his visit on the HMAS Beagle.

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Its ABC … 123 …


You can’t walk far along Kalukua Avenue in along Waikiki beach in Honolulu with out coming across an ABC Shop they are like a large convenience store or mini supermarket. These shops are just about everywhere there are even some next to one another. They are great for tourists as they sell just about everything you will need from food, drinks including alcoholic, chemist items, clothing, souvenirs and small electrical. If you are staying in one of the hotels in the area you are sure to be no more than 100 meters from an ABC shop.

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