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Miss Hissy at Hong Kong airport

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We really shouldnt be making fun of this, but it is just too funny. Check out this wonderful hissing fit by a lady at Hong Kong airport recently. She has thrown an absolute banana after missing her flight. Stamping, shouting and throwing a real wobbly. Turn the sound down a bit before watching this one as the shrieking is just terrible.  Where’s the tranquilizer gun when you need it.  A good lesson for everyone- get to the airport early.

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DisneySea’s BraviSEAmo!

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At the end of a huge day at Tokyo’s Disney Sea the ocean’s come alive with the most spectacular show only Disney could attempt. BraviSEAmo! features fire, fireworks, giant dragons, fountains, boats and of course all your Disney characters- it is absolutely amazing.  This You Tube video also features some of the DisneySea 5th year celebrations including Mickey and his team in a fantastic dance routine, overlooking the beautiful harbor. Later in the video are some of the magnificent shows including the Mystic Rhythms which feature the living spirits of the rain forest which tell their take of this land far from civilization and the Little Mermaid show which is a huge hit for both young and old. There is only one DisneySea in the world and it’s in Tokyo right next door to Tokyo Disney Land and is an amazing and unique theme park enjoyed by millions every year. Read the rest of this entry »