A village built on the scurvy dead’s burial ground


San Diego is one of North America’s most beautiful harbour cities and one of the most popular places to relax, have a bit to eat and do some great shopping is at the Sea Port Village right on the Pacific Ocean. Opening in 1980 on reclaimed land over the Point of the Dead or Punta de los Muertos in Spanish the site was where the Spanish buried their dead from Scurvy in the 1780’s. It later became a goods yard for the railroad and today has been transformed into a huge open air entertainment complex. The centre has over 50 shops, a dozen or so eateries and a number of fine dining experiences plus its only a short stroll to the Convention Centre, Marriott Hotel & Marina, Manchester Grand Hyatt and Midway Museum. The area is beautifully landscaped with lakes, cobblestone pathways and a boardwalk along the San Diego Bay. There is a full calendar of events and a beautifully restored 1895 carousel for the kids. A great way to fill in the afternoon for anyone visiting lovely San Diego.

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