Ontario Place- Toronto’s playground


Back in the late 1960’s the Toronto waterfront was a run down and under developed area until work began on what is now Ontario Place. Opening in 1971 the five pod futuristic paviolions featured a forum, marina, restaurants and a IMAx plus plenty of family fun. over the years with huge upgrades Ontairo Place has become one of Toronto’s favorite playgrounds. Now the centre has waterslides, simulator rides, sporting facilities for volleyball and the Soak City Waterpark which is loved by kids of all ages. The centre also is home to a huge 16,000 amphitheatre which now attracts some of the world’s most popular performers. In the coming months alone entertainers like Rod Stewart, Judas Priest, The Backstreet Boys, Cheap Trick and ZZ Top will grace the stage.

for more information:http://www.ontarioplace.com

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  1. #1 Sonam Shadil
    on Mar 6th, 2009 at 10:18 am

    im actually doing this project and i bumped into this wedsite and i found Ontario place and it looks so kool and fun to be at! so when im older i will definatley come and visit this fantastic, fun and exciting place! I just really want to be hear…but i cant at the moment, because im in australia but i will come & visit this place ONEDAY!!!

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