The Little White Chapel


Why go to all the expense of dozens of family and friends and churches and reception for your wedding when you can get married in Las Vegas style in a couple of minutes in a drive thru with a Elvis impersonator or something even more tacky. The Little White Chapel on the Las Vegas strip is the perfect place for wedding, If it was good enough for Britney Spears, well its good enough for you!. She is one of the dozen’s of clebs who have tied the knot at the chapel, even Michael Jordan, Joan Collins, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Bruce Willis have been married here and Mickey Rooney loved the place so much he got married there twice. There are a few different style weddings available, you can use the chapel or if you are in a real hurry to start the honeymoon why not use the drive thru, and you don’t need a reservation although you do need to have a wedding license. If you need a dress, some flowers or even a few bridesmaids you can hire them on the spot. Prices are pretty cheap but if you don’t have cash on you they have a handy ATM in the foyer where you can pay for your needs.

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