The US Intrepid

US Intrepid

US Intrepid

The Intrepid was a United States Navy aircraft carrier which was built for World War II, and later served in Vietnam and was even used to recover spacecraft of the Mercury and Gemini programs. Today the mighty vessel is the centre attraction Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City. In the last weeks the museum has been given a $120 million refit and reopened after 2 years of work at Pier 86 on New York’s west side. The deck of the Intrepid is home to many significant aircraft which have served the Air Force and Navy over the last century including quiet a few fighter jets and even a supersonic bomber. The Intrepid was also home to one of dozen Concordes in the world. The Concorde is currently off site and in need of some repairs after damage and it is hoped that it will be on display at the museum soon.

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