Toronto’s Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre in Toronto

Eaton Centre in Toronto

Until the company’s bankruptcy in 1999 Eaton’s was a beloved Canadian institution in retail stores and catalog stores. But today the name remains as Toronto’s premier shopping mall. the amazing centre features over 300 stores with just about everything imaginable on sale and also houses some pretty good restaurants cafes and hours of enjoyment for all. The focal point of the centre is a magnificent fountain which shoots water over 30 metres into the air, and the 265 metre long glass galleria gives the centre a airy and spacious feeling all year round. The Bay or Hudson Bay is the centre’s largest department store and has floors and floors of merchandise- they even have a gallery where you can see 400 of the finest examples of Canadian Art a must for any art lover. Be sure to visit the Labyrinth- here the paths of the Chartes Cathedral in France have been reproduced- they are quiet stunning. The centre is so huge there are colour coded signs so you know what direction you are heading- red sends you south, orange to the west, Blue to the north and yellow heads you easterly- a great idea for those direction challenged.for more information:

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