Wild Water Kingdom


Toronto’s largest and infact Canada’s largest water park is in Brampton and it’s that huge its a kingdom! The Wild Water Kingdom has 13 body and tube slides, another 7 kids waterslides a huge 6000 square foot swimming pool

and even two mini golf courses and its set on acres and acres of picnic area. The par’s biggest attraction its the Big Tipper, two huge buckets drop 800 gallons of water on the unsuspecting below- it’s great fun. This year the park has a new attraction for the summer months the Misty Blue Zone, here parents can relax under the mist and escape the hot sun while the kids are having fun on the slides. The highlight for us, and I’m sure for a lot of kids is Hugo the Hippo the cuddly purple hippopotamus character who patrols the park- look out for him and give him a big hug for me!

Visit their website: http://www.wildwaterkingdom.com

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