A donkey of a time in Tijuana


Visitors to the Mexican / USA border tourist town of Tijuana might be a bit surprised to see Zebras in the main streets. Well on closer inspection you will see that they aren’t zebras but donkeys that have been painted up to look like the stripy African critters. The idea dates back to the 1940’s when the owners came up with a solution to the problem of donkeys shiny greyish fur being washed out by the sun in black and white photographs.  Today there are Tijuana Zebras on many of the major tourist intersections around Tijuana and for a few Peso and a bit of bargaining you can have your photo taken with them as a memento of your visit to the city.   Tijuana is a easy day trip from southern California. Just jump on one of the red trolleys from San Diego and after a 15 minute walk through the border control you are in Tijuana.  Tijuana is home to some great shopping and dining, with great value, but like everywhere people should take care with their personal belongings and keep their wits about where they are as some parts of this city are deemed unsafe.  But Staying to the tourist areas you are bound to have a great experience.

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  1. #1 emma
    on Jul 15th, 2009 at 3:32 am

    these zebra donkeys are soo soooo cute!

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