Piranhas -Eat them before they eat you!


The Piranha is notorious for being a vicious blood thirsty pack hunting fish, and legend tells how they can rip the flesh of man or beast within a few minutes, well in South America the table has turned and now they are becoming hunted by fishermen for their tasty meat. There are now quiet a few tour operators operating out of Manaus in Northern Brazil which have trips to fish for piranha on the mighty Amazon. One popular family run agency we found has a four day hunting expedition deep into the Amazon to catch fish, simply with a bamboo stick with a piece of meat at the end with a hook. Other than fishing there is an amazing experience to be had on the Amazon, with wildlife and plant life like you have never seen. Expect to see monkeys, jaguars, tapirs, reptiles and beautiful birdlife- and lucky travelers sometimes see pink dolphins and even sloths on their journey.

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