Bloomin Cherries in Japan


The Japanese Cherry festivals are only a month away from reaching Tokyo and if the blossoms in the southern city of Naha are any indication this year is going to be one of the most spectacular for many years. The festivals move from south to north to coincide with the blossoming and attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to see these beautiful pink blooms. Blooms are a little later this year so some of the festivals might be a week or so later than they were last year, the weather plays a big role in the flowering. Ueno Park is one of Tokyo’s best parks for viewing the blossoms and a fantastic place to join in the festival with food, drink and plenty of attractions for all. The park features over 1000 trees and they are an amazing sight when in full bloom with the castle and city backdrops. You need to pick your spot in the park pretty early as thousands flock to the grasslands to sit back have a drink or two and enjoy the cherry blossom celebrations.

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