Boat Quay Singapore



Early last century the Singapore Boat Quay was one of the Orient’s biggest trading ports and an entrance for immigrants and a huge trading hub but today it is one of the island city’s hottest entertainment areas. The river banks are a eclectic mix of lively bars, clubs, pubs and some of Singapore’s best and most expensive dining. There are plenty of outdoor alfresco options where you can watch the world go by over a few satay sticks and an iced tea or go on a bit of a hunt for some interesting gifts and fashion. The area is a very popular hangout for the thousands of expatriates who work and live in Singapore and quiet popular with tourists. Some of the favorite dining places are the famous Sukhothai Restaurant, The Moomba, Pasta Fresca and the House of Sudanese Food which has is famous for its bakar or charcoal grilling from Western Java.

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