Fare adjustment machine


A lot of the world’s transport systems could learn a lot from the Japanese rail travel experience as it is amazing. Not only is it efficient, plentiful and on time they have what would have to be the world’s best ticketing system. They have several sensor card systems including the Suica and Pasmo systems and a multitude of special multi trip passes and not forgetting the JR pass which many tourists use, but the smartest system would have to be the fare adjustment system. A lot of people expecially the non Japanese speaking people have trouble working out how much the proper fare should be, well the stations have the answer, all you need to do is purchase the cheapest fare you can find, jump on the train and when you are done, as you exit the station go to the fare adjustment machine, it will tell you how short your ticket is, you just pay the extra few yen if required, it issues a new ticket and you take it to the exit turnstiles, it really takes the confusion out of rail travel.

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