Fire rocket launches at cows


Here at Tripandom we really hate animal cruelty but this story was so bizarre we have decided to tell it. There is a tourist attraction just outside the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh where visitors can fire all sorts of military weapons including machine guns, grenades, rocket launches and anti aircraft guns and for a few more dollars you can shoot at different types of targets. For about $200 US which is huge dollars in Cambodia you can fire your weapons of choice at a coco-nut or for a few dollars more even take out a poor chicken. For those blood thirsty people who have another spare $200 you can take out a cow with a rocket launcher. If you miss the cow you get the $200 back and need to spend another $200 +$200 for your second shot. We can’t seem to find out what happens to the cow, that’s if there’s anything left, maybe hamburgers for dinner? Who knows? If you have any other weird attractions or even distasteful ones like this we would love to hear from you.. Drop us a line.

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  1. #1 Steve Rice
    on Mar 14th, 2009 at 10:07 pm

    I travelled around Cambodia and never talked to anyone, or heard from anyone who actually fired a rocket launcher at a cow. I imagine though that even an experienced operator would have trouble hitting one. They tried to charge me $20 US extra for a chicken even after I’d forked out $500US for one round on the rocket Launcher ($350) a hand grenade ($50) and $100 for 100 rounds on some belt fed Russian machine gun (K-56 or 59 or something). So if that’s the price they wanted for a chicken I’d hate to think want price they would try to extort out of you for a cow. But Cambodia is the sort of place where for the right price they would get you anything.
    For the above three items they took us to a property a fair drive from the main gun range outside Phnom Penh. Im not sure how many of these ranges operate in Cambodia but I was told you can’t fire the rocket launcher in Siem Reap.
    The prices are extortionate considering it seems that everything is paid for by the military and everyone involved seems to be getting paid off along the way.Im sure I paid too much but I found them very hard to negotiate with.
    But all that aside it was a great experience. Its another one of those awesome things that they would never let you do in a first world country.

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