Gizmo’s and gadgets in Singapore

If you are visiting Singapore and want something electrical- then Sim Lim Square is the place to head. Here floors and floors of every thing electrcial are available, with just about every conceivable and many non conceivable gadgets on sale. From computers, PDA’s, cameras, and MP3 players there are so many choises. There’s no need to walk the streets of Singapore to find the best deal they are all here in on convienent location. There are 6 levels the first three levels are cameras, music players, televisions and the like while the upper floors are dedicated to computers, but buisness and office needs as well as the gamers, which is huge buisness in this Island country. Sim Lim Square even have a code of ethics for the store holders and sales staff that include such things not selling products above the RRP, being honest, refraining from abusive language and conduct and issue clear and consise receipts. You just cant go wrong.

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