Hong Kong’s Ladies Market for a bargain


The Ladies Market is one of Hong Kong’s best markets and a must for anyone looking for bargain priced clothing, bags, accessories or even toys, nick knacks and small electricals even fresh vegetables. It’s not only geared to women, there is stuff for everyone. The market is on Tung Choi street in Mong Kong and opens every day from noon to nearly midnight. Bargaining is the norm so don’t even think about paying full price and don’t be too surprised if some of those fancy brand names you have bought are not the real thing, there is a lot of counterfeit brand name products around. Many of the store holders don’t speak English too good, but don’t fear they can all use a calculator- money talks all languages. They just punch in the price and it comes up on the screen for you to start negotiating. While you are there, the market is only a short walk to the flower and the goldfish markets which are also well worth a visit.

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  1. #1 melic
    on Aug 18th, 2010 at 7:24 am

    great place to be. when bargain starts, please give a thought to the livelihood of the vendor. dont bargain to a ridiculously low price when the vendor gets nothing; just a mere turnaround for some hard cash to feed themselves and their families. compare prices with your city and if its a good bargain – go for it. cheeeers

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