Komodo national park home of the dragons


Komodo National Park includes the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Mota, Nusa Kode and Pada and is now protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There park is very rich in animal, plant and marine life but the highlight of the park is the Komodo Dragon which are found nowhere else on earth. The dragon is the largest and fiercest of the monitor lizards and can grow to a length of over 2.5 metres and weigh well over 100 kg. They have become very rare and it is estimated there are little more than a thousand of these magnificent reptiles in the wild. Diving in the area is also very popular with dugon, sharks, manta rays, whales and dolphins all calling the surrounding waters home, not forgetting the coral and reef fish.

For more information:http://www.komodonationalpark.org/


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