Dutch tourists ripped off by Indian food seller

Tasty Samosas

Tasty Samosas

We think it must be a slow news day at Reuters after reading this story about a Dutch couple who paid around $200 US for a plate of 4 samosas in India. Apparently the food seller tried to pull a fast one on them by telling the couple they were “special samosas”, now we are pretty sure these guys were not the first to be overcharged in India but it is a pretty funny story considering samosas normally cost around a buck each. Alls well that ends well, as the tourists got their money back after complaining to the police. Have you got your own horror of being ripped off while travelling? Or do you know of any good scams to avoid? Hit up our comment form below as we will be featuring a “popular tourist scams to avoid” series soon. Also if you now got the taste for some Indian Samosas check out our recipe on our sister site wokme.com, we promise they are cheap to make and wont give you Delhi belly.

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