The worlds longest laundry chute


The Grand Hyatt Shanghai is in the business centre of Pundong and not only is the world highest hotel it also has the worlds highest pool and the world’s longest laundry chute running the full length of the tower. The chute has baffles along the cavity to slow the laundry down during it’s decent to the basement. The hotel is located on the 53rd to 88th floors of the Jin Mao Building which is the worlds 3rd tallest building. The rooms offer spectacular views of the Bund, Huang Pu River and the city when the weather is clear. The hotel is one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in China with an art deco Asian inspired rooms and lobbies. The 555 room hotel opened in 1999. For those wanting the best cocktail lounge in Shanghai- check out the view from Cloud 9 on the 87th floor, on a clear night you have never seen anything so spectacular.

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