The world’s longest monorail


The Osaka monorail holds the Guinness Book of Records award for the world’s longest monorail with a track spanning 21.2km. The elevated train runs between Osaka International Airport and Kadoma-shi Station and also has an offshoot to Saiito-nishi . Opening between Senri-Chuo and Minami-Ibaraki in 1990 the monorail track has had several extensions over the last 18 years. The entire trip takes about 36 minutes and stops at 14 stations. As with most of Japan’s public transport system the cost is fairly reasonable the entire trip only costs a little over Y500 which is about $5, but fares start as low as Y200 and kids can use the system at half price. The monorail can get quiet busy with over 70,000 people riding on it every day. Each monorail has 4 carriages and is made by Hitachi and uses 1500 volts of power to glide along the concrete track.

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