Tokyo’s oldest temple


The Senso Ji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo is the city’s oldest temple and is one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attractions. The Buddhist temple which is also associated with the Tendai sect is a Shinto Shrine and the focus of a huge festival held each spring which sees the surrounding street closed off for the festivities. Huge crowds flock to the temple every day, to burn incense and pay respect or to shop and eat at the dozens of traditional shops which sell just about anything especially catering for the tourist. The legend of the temple dates back to 628 when two fishermen brothers found a statue in the Sumida River, this statue was then enshrined with a temple. The temple was bombed during World War II and rebuilt today the temple stands as a monument symbolizing rebirth and peace. To make a day out of your visit a five minute walk to the west of the temple will get you to Kappabashi, Tokyo’s kitchen town where you can buy just about anything to do with cooking from plates to plastic food models.

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