Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty


Tokyo has a few borrowed land marks, there’s the replica of the Eifel Tower, although in a bright orange paint job, Disneyland and the Statue of Liberty. Sitting proudly overlooking Tokyo Bay and the Golden Gate inspired Rainbow Bridge is a 1/4 scale of New York’s magnificent lady. It was originally only a temporary structure, the French gave it to Tokyo in 1998 to celebrate the French Year in Japan but the Japanese loved it so much a replica of the one the French gave them was commissioned and built on the same site. It is now one of Tokyo’s most photographed monuments. Just like the New York monument the statue is made of iron and green copper bronze, it even has gold leafing encircling the beautiful torch of freedom. There are quiet a few more Statues of Liberty in Japan most are on tacky ‘Love Hotels’ and there is another one in the American Themed city of Amerika-MuraOsaka in the heart of Osaka.

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