Where Osaka comes to play


The Doton Bori Canal is the centerpiece of Osaka’s entertainment and nightlife district. The district offers an amazing atmosphere with colour, neon, music, people and aromic smells you can only find in Japan. Many of the city’s night spots, bars, gaming lounges including pachinko, restaurants and shopping can be found in the streets around the Doton Bori. The main meeting place and where Osaka celebrates is the Doton Bori bridge, here huge video and neon walls light up the night sky advertising everything from Pokey Chocolate to the latest Sports drink or beer. For those adventurous, Doton Bori is the place to try the infamous Fugu blow fish, this poisonous fish is deadly if not prepared properly and is not for the faint hearted, other tasty treats in the area include the Takoyaki Octopus Balls and Okinomyaki which is a tasty vegetable and sometime seafood pancake.

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