Yokohama Raumen Museum

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A museum dedicated to noodles may seam a bit odd but it fits right in in Yokohama Japan. When Ramen was introduced to Japan from China the Japanese embraced the food and even developed the instant ramen dish that is popular all over the world whenever you feel like noodles in 2 minutes. You may wonder how you could fill one floor of a museum dedicated to a fairly ordinary food product but the Ramen Museum fills 3 floors with a recreation of Tokyo in 1958 (the year instant ramen was created), a gift shop and of course places to try out you favorite ramen. there even is a small factory exhibit where you can create your own take away ramen. The Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum and Aumusement Park as its one of those classic quirky Japanese attractions that is worth a visit, its located about 3 mins walk from JR Shin Yokohama station.

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