Beeac Heritage Windmill Park

Today we travel to the Western District of Victoria Australia to what is one of the more unique roadside attractions we have come across.  Beeac is a tiny country town with a rich farming heritage especially in dairy. This park celebrates the engineering of some of the magnificent windmill that have served the surrounding district over the last 150 years.  The windmill has been played an important part in Australian farming heritage pumping water to dams for stock and crops.  The Prowse Windmill is one of the more impressive in the park and dates back to a business ran by James Prowse which began in 1988. The windmill on display has an impressive 6ft wheel and used to bring water from close the surface.  The windmills have been found by volunteers and restored as faithfully as they can be using photographs and drawings of the originals and now stand as a tribute and testament to life on the land.


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