Cat and Fiddle Square


Back in 1917 the Cat and Fiddle Inn stood in an alley off Hobart’s Elizabeth Street. The inn unfortunately is long gone but the legend continues. The alley now a shopping arcade in the centre of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. The Cat and Fiddle arcade is a favorite shopping destination or place to relax over a cup of coffee before hitting the streets for more shopping. At the centerpiece of the arcade is a lovely cat and fiddle artwork which has animated characters which perform on the hour. The arcade was one of the first in Hobart and dates back to 1962 when it was opened by the the Lord Mayor of Hobart Sir Basil Osborne.

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  1. #1 Jo
    on May 27th, 2011 at 11:52 am

    I am visiting my brother in November and can’t wait to relive some of my childhood memories by going to the cat and fiddle arcade…yipee

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