Cockatoo Island

For magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and a interesting look back at some of Australia’ s most important manufacturing heritage Cockatoo Island is a must for someone looking for something a bit different to do in this beautiful waterfront city.  Cockatoo Island is the largest island within Sydney Harbor and is managed by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. This island as well as being a prison and a range of other things the island has been the site of one of the country’s biggest shipyards. Today many of the industrial and convict past remains and they offer an amazing insight into the past. The historic sandstone prison buildings have even been nominated for World Heritage Protection.  The island is easily accessed from ferry and there are luxury campsites offering one of the best views of Sydney.  The island is a perfect place to kick back and watch the harbor sites and escape the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s great cities.

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