Salamanca Place Hobart

Today we travel to Australia to the little island of Tasmania and visit its capital Hobart.  Down on Hobart’s beautiful waterfront is Salamanca Place. This was once a bustling port area and the sand stone buildings were warehouses. As the modernisation changed the way the ports operated the buildings have slowly been transformed into new uses. The area today is one of Hobart’s best tourist destinations with the row of buildings now galleries, hotels, cafes and gift shops. The precinct is home to many of the city’s events and a great market is held along the strip on Saturdays selling a wealth of locally grown produce, food, giftware and other items. 300 stalls are not an uncommon sight on most Saturdays and crowds of up to 25000.

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  1. #1 john
    on Apr 25th, 2011 at 1:03 am

    great spot been there many times love it

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