Sydney’s Bona fide, Electrified, Monorail


Sydney is not only home to the Harbor Bridge, the Opera House and what is probably the world’s most beautiful waterfront city, it also boasts a monorail  The monorail links the entertainment districts of Darling Harbor and China town with the shopping and business precincts of the city. The loop  is elevated above the city streets offering a great way to get around and a different perspective on this amazing city. The monorail is ran by the city’s Metro Transport and operates from around 7 am until 10 pm in the evening. There are  eight stops along the 12 minute loop and a monorail usually comes past each station within about five minutes.  The monorail system commenced operation in 1988 in what at the time was a fairly controversial project, but over the 20 plus years of service the monorail has become a familiar and much loved form of transport around Australia’ s largest city taking thousands of passengers every day.

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