The Old Geelong Gaol

geelong-gaolThe Old Geelong Gaol is a former gaol that was built in stages from 1849 to 1864 and used until 1991 when the prisoners made way for tourist at this rather creepy old building. Originally known as HM Prison Geelong  the gaol is located in Geelong about an hour’s drive from Melbourne in Victoria, the building is a large bluestone structure that was built by the prisoners themselves and shaped in a cruciform, a design taken from North London’s Pentonville Prison. A cold and spooky place the building has seen its fair share deaths over the years either from disease or natural causes or from prisoners who committed suicide after they were sent insane by its solitary confinement or were hanged for their crimes. Today many of the visitors to gaol report a spooky presence in the building and several research groups have studied the site for paranormal activity.

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    where is the old york gaol located im bye the way and its for a report

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