93 pubs & 100 brothels- they were the days


Kalgoorlie lies in Western Australia’s outback 4 hours east of Perth and once was home to 93 pubs and 100 brothels. Today the mining town doesn’t quiet have that number of either, but the Exchange Hotel still stands and has a very colourful history it was a pretty rough old town back 100 years ago when everyone was after their fortune mining gold. The old red brick pub could tell a story or two including the times when barmaids were only allowed to work naked. Today the pub has much more dignity and is one of the town’s most photographed landmarks. They serve ice cold beer and cook up a pretty damm good steak too.

Link: The Exchange Hotel Official Site: http://www.exchangehotelkalgoorlie.com/

Map showing the Exchange Hotel in Western Australia

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  1. #1 D SMITH
    on Jan 17th, 2009 at 6:56 am

    Kalgoorlie is not only known for its pubs and brothels it has history in the goldrush and water being delivered to the town.
    Not only Kalgoorlie but the surrounding regions.
    Kalgoorlie is one of the richest gold mining towns in Australia.
    Kalgoorlie is not 4 hours east of Perth if you do it in 4 hours I think the boys in blue will have you off the road in know time and the public will be great full for it. Kalgoorlie is 593km form Perth and should take approx 61/2 hours.
    When submitting comments on the City yes City of KalgoorlieBoulder more should be said abouts its history beyond the pubs and brothels. Do your homework.

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