Heineken Museum – Amsterdam


The Heineken museum is one of Amsterdam’s premier attractions and well worth a visit whether you enjoy a cold beer or not. The self guided tour is great value it costs about 10 Euros and takes you on more than a journey of beer manufacturing its more a journey of the history of Amsterdam and the brewery. There are plenty of displays and quiet a few interactive areas, you can DJ in your own nightclub, you can go for a horse and buggy ride on a simulator or play some great electronic toys in the bar room. The highlight of course is the beer, and you are treated to some complementary beer in two of the special bars in the museum. When exiting the bar you are in for a surprise too, with a special gift reminding you of your visit. Don’t forget to bring some coin for the gift shop there are some great products to purchase including t-shirts, bottle openers and stubby holders.

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