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Where are you mummy?

YouTube direct

Today’s You Tube video features a fascinating bus ride through Egypt to the amazing pyramids. Here amongst the vast sand plains is one of man’s most intriguing and amazing structures. The pyramid’s have so many unlocked stories which fascinate many of us. How did and why were these huge stone monoliths built thousands of years ago without the technology we have today, an incredible feat. Read the rest of this entry »

Kilimanjaro Safari


Kilimanjaro Mountain is an inactive strato volcano in north eastern Tanzania rising 5895 metres over the African savannah it is the continents highest peak. The surrounding plains are known as Kilimanjaro National Park and is home to one of Africa’s greatest game parks. Fortunate today most of the shooting in this UNESCO World Heritage Area is from cameras with thousands of people visiting each year to see the spectacular an in many cases threatened wildlife. Elephants, Zebra, Giraffe, Lion and Gazelle are only a few of the magnificent beasts who call the park their home. Many visitors come to the park to climb the mountain which offers great challenges to the climber with steep peaks and one of the few places in Africa which experience ice and snow.

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