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Dine in a A380 without taking off

Recently in the Taiwanese capital Taipei a novel restaurant opened which has caused a bit of interest around the world. Known as the A380 In Flight Kitchen the restaurant is themed as the giant Airbus A380. There is although a bit square, airline like seating for 84 people and people are served by waitresses dressed as flight attendants and serve their food on plastic trays.  People queue up to board with their boarding passes before the ‘flight’ and are welcomed aboard by the head steward before being show to their seats. The restaurant looks and functions just like a aircraft but its really just a clever fit out in a shopping centre and guests never leave the ground. Taiwan has a history of interesting dining experiences, they have one restaurant which is set up as a hospital ward and we did a story a few months back about one which was a giant toilet block where diners sat on toilets- said a lot for their food.

Germany’s Nurenberg Christkindlesmarkt

Christmas Gingerbread

Christmas Gingerbread

The Christkindlesmarkt or Christmas Markets are in full swing in Germany and the biggest of them all is in Nuremberg where more than 2 million people flock to the Hauptmarkt to buy their goods from the more than 150 stalls. The stalls run for about a month, and close Christmas eve and are one of Europe’s most magical experiences. Snow, bud lights and beautifully decorated stalls, and not forgetting some great gifts. Crafts,wooden toys, ornaments, seasonal foods like gingerbread, Christmas cake and of course the warm Christmas wines. The markets are held in quiet a few centres around Germany including Munich,Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin other European centres like Toulouse France, Salzberg in Austria and even Leeds in London and Birmingham have their own. Chicago and many US cities have them too. Read the rest of this entry »

A yummy French Fries Museum


We have featured some weird museums on Tripandom, like the parasite museum, the ramen noodle museum and the Bangkok forensic museum and we have found another, the French Fries Museum or Friet Museum as the Belgium’s like to call it. Located in Brugge in Belgium only 200 metres from the Grand Palace of Bruges the Friet Museum offers hours of entertainment for the visitor. You can learn about the history of fries, visit a mock fries shop, On the ground floor you can learn about the fascinating history of the potato which originated in Peru more than 10,000 years ago. On the first floor, the visitor can discover the history of the fries and how they came to Belgium and in the basement of the building, in the medieval cellars, it is even possible to sample some. The museum claims to be the only museum dedicated to potato fries in the world, it’s just hard to imagine no one else has thought of this great idea. The questions most frequently asked by visitors are: Where does the potato come from? Was the fry invented in Belgium? and What is the secret of making good fries? -well you will have to visit the museum to find out the answers! and I wonder what they goodies they sell in the gift shop? Read the rest of this entry »

Vending machine cafes


Ever wondered how you could order food in Japan when you can’t speak the language, well don’t worry the vending machine cafe’s are the place for you. There’s no need to go hungry ever again just pop your yen in the machine, select the item you would like for dinner from the photos and out pops a receipt ticket. Take this to the counter and presto your dish will be prepared in a mater of seconds in front of you- it’s that easy. There are plenty of vending machine restaurants around the major cities of Japan and they are amazingly cheap. For only a few hundred yen you can have a soup, rice and meat dish, salad and even a beer all ordered from the vending machine. Most of the restaurants serve ramen (which is noodles) or Gyudon which is a tasty meat stew and there is also a popular pepper steak franchise which serves sizzling plates of spicy steaks. The vending machine cafes are cheap, clean, and very tasty not forgetting the easiest way to order food in Japan. They are well worth a try. Read the rest of this entry »

Jesus dines on Guinea Pigs


We did a story a few weeks ago on a restaurant in Dublin called the Guinea Pig Restaurant. We got quiet a bit of feedback from our visitors, but most of them read the story wrong, the Guinea Pig doesn’t serve the fury critters, they are a fish restaurant. But to the horror of those who left us a comment, we thought we would do a story about Peru today where they just love sinking their teeth into a succulent piece of roast guinea pig, in fact it is estimated that over 56 million of them are roasted every year. Guinea pigs are the perfect meal in Peru, they are easy to breed, very easy to raise and don’t require much space and they are pretty damm tasty too, being high in protein and low in cholesterol. The little rodent like creature has been on the menu for thousands of years. Today’s photo is a Spanish version of the Last Supper which was painted by Marcos Zapata, it shows Christ and his apostles ready to eat a guinea pig. The painting hangs in the Capilla del Triunfo Cathedral of Cuso Peru which was built in 1539.

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A pie in the sky


Fancy a dinner with 22 of your friends sitting at a table dangling from a crane 50 metres above the ground- well the Dinner in the Sky is the place for you. This novel attraction is the latest hit sweeping Europe and with plenty of interest from the rest of the world. The 9 x 5 metre platform is transported to just about anywhere to give you the best views in town. The table can include three chefs and if you need to go to the bathroom, there’s no need to go off the side, the crane lowers the table so you can simply jump off and visit the ground level facilities. Guests wear seat belts for safety and even heating can be arranged. Currently the dinner in the sky is for rent out of Hungary, the Netherlands, South Africa and Belgium, but other countries are getting on board quickly and there has been quiet a bit of interest from people wanting to purchase their own dinner, so it probably won’t be long before there’s one just about everywhere.

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Memphis is more then Elvis


We all love the King of Rock and Roll but there’s so much more to Memphis than Elvis, and there’s plenty of other great music. One place where you can find it is B B King’s Blues Club on Beale Street. B. B. King is one of the legends of the Blues and he now has three of these amazing clubs, the original here in Memphis, another in country music capital Nashville and the other in the home of theme parks Orlando Florida. There’s three things to do at B.B. Kings- Eat, Drink and Dance. The menu is great Creole Cuisine and plenty of it- ribs, steaks, bbq and fried chicken and gumbo- just what you need to build up your energy to dancing to the best music Memphis has to offer. Many big names play at the club and the resident bands are sensational, it’s one of the best nights out you could ever have.

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Colonel Sander’s favorite Sydney fast food – a pie?


Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Woolloomooloo is a Sydney institution. Located on Cowper Wharf Road near Finger Wharf overlooking the Garden Island naval fleet this caravan has been serving Sydney’s best pies and in particular pie floaters since 1938. The cafe is so much a Sydney icon it is on the National Trust Register as a significant location. The caravan stated before the Second World War and over the years has had a host of big names eat there including Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Marlene Dietrich and the king of fast food Colonel Sanders himself- who legend tells liked the pies so much he ate three of them. There is a picture of the Colonel out the front hoing into a pie along with a host of other big names who have had their picture taken over the years. The caravan has quiet a variety of pies including a seafood pie and the famous Tiger pie which is packed with bacon and cheese but everyone’s favorite is the classic pie floater. Here a rich meat and gravy pie is topped with mashed potato, waxy mushy peas and topped with tasty brown gravy- they are absolutely delicious. Harry’s has become so popular in recent years a few more stores have popped up over Sydney including one in the city’s Haymarket one at Liverpool and another one up the coast at Newcastle. Read the rest of this entry »

A shopping mall as big as a small country


Imagine a shopping mall as big as a small country, well the West Edmonton Mall in Canada is bigger than Vatican City- hows that. It’s huge with over 350,000 square metres of shopping and entertainment. The huge complex employs around 23,000 people and has anything up to 150,000 people shopping, dining or having fun there every day. Along with over 800 shops the centre has a monstrous entertainment zone which would rival any theme park with an icerink, waterpark with wave pool and huge waterslides. An aquarium which is home to sea lions, and a submarine ride which had more submarines than the Canadian Navy until recently. Roller coasters, golf, theatres, a casino and even a replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship the Santa Maria. There even a huge nightclub and restaurant district called Bourbon street which has comedy clubs, rib houses, bars and some great pizza. There’s a China town and even a flash new Europa Boulevard which sells the latest European fashion- and I must mention the flock of pink flamingos, the shooting range and the cinemas. The place is just amazing. You need at least 2 days if not an entire week to really absorb the place and you probably need just as long to find your car in the 20,000 car carpark. There are plans to make the place even bigger, they are not to happy about being knocked off as the biggest by a new centre in Dubai and another huge place being built in Beijing. Read the rest of this entry »

Picnic under the Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is one of the world’s most beautiful structures and to think it was only built temporary and the city planned to pull it down before it became useful as a tower for antennas. Many visitors are thinking the queues are much to long to brave to visit the lookout but there is another way to experience this lovely piece of ironwork and opt for a more tranquil visit with a magnificent Parisian picnic on the beautiful lawns below the tower. Dusk is the most romantic time to visit when the 20,000 odd bulbs flash in shimmering display lighting up the Paris sky. For the visitor there are plenty of French Bakeries and food stores within 10 or so minutes walk where you can pick up some of the freshest bread, pastries, the worlds best cheese, pate and wine for you to have the picnic to remember.

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