30 million visitors love it


It is estimated that 30 million people visit Paris every year making it the world’s tourist hot spot. Tourists will stand in long queues for hours to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa at th Louvre or take a picture on top of the Eiffel Tower but there city has so much to offer. The best way to see this amazing city is on foot using Paris’s extensive subway to get from place to place. There is so much to see and explore on street level. Cafe’s botiques, along the wide boulevards and the quaint little cafe’s and markets along the lanes and alleys make it an experience to remember. Athough it is easy to spend all you have, you can have a great time in Paris on the cheap, there are plenty of places to get fresh and cheap food, look for bakeries for the best baguettes and pasteries many not more than an Euro. Counter cafe’s also offer good value dining.

Link: The City of Paris – Official Site http://www.v1.paris.fr/EN/ 

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