A good sleep after a hard day night


Liverpool the home of the Beatles has just opened a brand new 4 star hotel paying homage to the fab 4. Called Hard Days Night the hotel has transformed one of Liverpools’ classic buildings not far from the Cavern Club into another Beatles landmark. The hotel features some magnificent artwork including what is called the Shannon Collection which is a series of commissioned works telling the story of the Beatles. The hotel even features artworks and photographs from Paul, Ringo and photographers Paul Ygartua and Klaus Voormann. The hotel has all the trappings of a luxury hotel including a great bar called Bar Four which is fast becoming one of the hottest places in Liverpool and a restaurant which has a Sergeant Pepper’s inspired theme and brasserie which has a very cosmopolitan menu. The hotel features 110 rooms and are well decked out and even include interactive services like online shopping. The top of the line suites are called the Lennon and McCartney suites and feature things like white pianos and even a Knight’s suit in the McCartney room. Total indulgence.


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