A pie in the sky


Fancy a dinner with 22 of your friends sitting at a table dangling from a crane 50 metres above the ground- well the Dinner in the Sky is the place for you. This novel attraction is the latest hit sweeping Europe and with plenty of interest from the rest of the world. The 9 x 5 metre platform is transported to just about anywhere to give you the best views in town. The table can include three chefs and if you need to go to the bathroom, there’s no need to go off the side, the crane lowers the table so you can simply jump off and visit the ground level facilities. Guests wear seat belts for safety and even heating can be arranged. Currently the dinner in the sky is for rent out of Hungary, the Netherlands, South Africa and Belgium, but other countries are getting on board quickly and there has been quiet a bit of interest from people wanting to purchase their own dinner, so it probably won’t be long before there’s one just about everywhere.

For more info: www.dinnerinthesky.com

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