A sort of homecoming

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Back in the late 1970’s a little Irish band recorded their 3 first albums at Windmill Lane in Dublin before they became one of the richest, most influential and exciting (and sometimes precious) bands of the last 30 years. Since it’s opening by sound engineer Brian Masterson, Windmill Lane has also been the studio many of Ireland’s best rock acts have chosen for their albums including artists like Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor and Clanned. The studio is no longer on site but the ledged lives on. There are plans to build Dublin’s biggest tower near by called the U2 tower which will be completed in 2010 which will include apartments and a recording studio all owned by U2 costing in the vicinity of 200 million Euro. The old studios today is covered in graffiti paying homage to the days when U2 were the greatest new band Dublin had ever seen. The old studios are a bit hard to find with no signage, look for Bob Bushills furniture store and then go to the street behind.

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