A yummy French Fries Museum


We have featured some weird museums on Tripandom, like the parasite museum, the ramen noodle museum and the Bangkok forensic museum and we have found another, the French Fries Museum or Friet Museum as the Belgium’s like to call it. Located in Brugge in Belgium only 200 metres from the Grand Palace of Bruges the Friet Museum offers hours of entertainment for the visitor. You can learn about the history of fries, visit a mock fries shop, On the ground floor you can learn about the fascinating history of the potato which originated in Peru more than 10,000 years ago. On the first floor, the visitor can discover the history of the fries and how they came to Belgium and in the basement of the building, in the medieval cellars, it is even possible to sample some. The museum claims to be the only museum dedicated to potato fries in the world, it’s just hard to imagine no one else has thought of this great idea. The questions most frequently asked by visitors are: Where does the potato come from? Was the fry invented in Belgium? and What is the secret of making good fries? -well you will have to visit the museum to find out the answers! and I wonder what they goodies they sell in the gift shop?

Official Site: http://www.frietmuseum.be

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  2. #2 Eleanor Lowis
    on Nov 12th, 2008 at 5:26 am

    My son and I came across this place more by accident than anything else recently when in Bruges and we ended up spending hours in the place, asbsolutely fascinated – a combination of disbelief that there could be such a place, and really interested. Of course then we found the Chocolate Museum, was a great way to fill in time in the dreadful weather we experienced

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