Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum Shop

Well forgetting the dope smoking, the canals and of course the tasty Heineken nothing symbolises Amsterdam like the Tulip and no visit to this fascinating European city is complete without a visit to the Amsterdam Tulip Museum. Located at Prinsengracht 112 beside the canal and in easy walking distance of Central Station and many of the major city sights. The museum shop has a wonderful array of bulbs, flowers and everything tulip. There are some lovely souvenirs, books, prints and even specialised gardening tools and equipment. The perfect place to pick up some mementos from Holland for your friends back home. The museum will send bulbs by post overseas but please check with your friendly customs people before ordering to see if there are any restrictions on importing bulbs into your country. Tulip Bulbs are usually available around September through to the end of the year but many other varieties are available at other times.

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  1. #1 margret
    on Jun 2nd, 2010 at 2:31 am

    I recently visited this museum and it was very interesting, but what I found most interesting was the flower stalls along the canals can you believe it they sell marijuana plants it was very confronting but not as confronting as the dreadful red light district- even my husband was shocked at the sights we saw.

    Some people just have no morals!

    I pray to the Lord that the people of Amsterdam change there wicked ways.

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