Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg


This Friday the world’s most famous Christmas Market the Christkindlesmart will bring Christmas cheer to around 2 million visitors in Nuremberg, Germany. The market is a special place with magical scenes of snow, Christmas and decorations amongst the beautiful cobblestone streets and gothic lanes, with the Church of Sebadus , The Church of Our Lady and the lovely fountains being the centerpiece for this beautiful setting. The market dates back nearly 400 years and always opens on the Friday before the first Advent and runs up to Christmas Eve. There are about 180 lovely stalls all decked out in red and white canvas selling everything you could ever want for Christmas. There is arts and crafts, toys and some of the worlds best chocolate, confectionery and of course German gingerbread, and you know you’re in Germany with the fresh smells of grilling sausages and mulled wine.

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