‘Diana’s Flame’ – The Flame of Liberty Paris


The Flame of Liberty or Flamme de la Liberte is an actual full size replica of the flame held by New York’s Statue of Liberty. This beautiful gold leafed statue was erected in 1987 while the New York statue was undergoing restoration. The flame was given by the International Herald Tribune newspaper to mark its Centennial. Today the flame has become a focal point and shrine to Diana the Princess of Wales who died along with lover Dodi Al-Fayed when their Mercedes Benz crashed in the nearby Pont de l’Alma Road tunnel 10 years ago today.

Although not an official monumnet to the Princess, visitors flock around the world to lay flowers and messages to the much loved and remembered Princess, the Flame has become one of Paris’s most visited monuments.

Map of the Flame of Liberty

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  1. #1 Michael Hansen
    on Mar 9th, 2010 at 1:05 am

    If I could afford to go to Paris, I’d lay flowers at “Diana’s Flame,” too.

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