Dracular may suck your blooooooood!


Today’s story is not for the faint hearted its Dracula’s Castle or Bran Castle which stands in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania deep in Transylvania. The castle was once a residence of Prince Vlad Tepes who Bram Stoker based his 1897 of Count Dracula on, but details are sketchy. But the ledged of Count Dracula has become stronger as time goes on and people have blurred folk law with story telling and the truth. No one really knows if Count Dracula is now real or not. Let’s hope he was it only makes the story of the castle more fascinating. The castle was actually used as a Royal residence up until 1947 when the monarchy fell in Romania. Today the castle draws thousands of tourists, many for the legends but just as many for the beauty of the Gothic, fairy-tale picture perfect setting.


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