Giant Schnitzels


You can travel the world looking for the best schnitzel but you would be wasting your time unless you go straight to Austria and find Schnitelwelt. They have the juiciest schnitzels you have ever tasted. Schnitzelwelt appeared to be a chain and can be found in about 6 locations throughout Austria, they are a bit like KFC or McDonalds only they sell schnitzels. There are quiet a few varieties to choose including Beef, Pork, Chicken Vegetable and Surschnitzel, which is a sour pork fillet and Fisch (which I believe is fish). The meal is served quiet simply on a plate with some chips and some dips. The restaurants are also licensed so you can get a nice cold Austrian beer and they have great donuts for desert- that’s if you can fit one in. My suggestion is go the meal deal, schnitzel, beer and donut, or if you are real hungry try a trio of schnitzel. The tasty treat pictured above was from the Villach store.

Satellite image of Villach, Austria.

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