Hitler’s Prora Spa


While you could describe Hitler as not one of the nicest people about, in fact he was one of the worst, but while in power he did start huge and lavish projects to try and win over the support of the German people. His Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy) program gave the German worker holidays on cruise ships and other leisure activities to keep the people happy and in turn working hard.

One such project was the Prora Spa complex on the island Rugen in north eastern Germany. The massive building was built between 1936 and 1939. Hitler planed that the huge resort would have space for 20,000 beds, theatres and all sorts of leisure activities. With the onset of the war the building was never completed and apart for part of it been used by the East Germans for a time the huge building sits mostly derelict along the shore of Rugen. Today the Prora complex has a formal heritage listing as a particularly striking example of Third Reich architecture. A visitors center is at the site with an exhibition about the sites history.

For More information visit the official site: http://www.proradok.de/index.html

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