How can I sleep with Hitler watching?


You have got to wonder about some peoples idea to make a dollar. What would possess you to build a hotel room and have nasty old Adolf Hitler on the wall your hotel room overlooking your bed. It is what nightmares are made of but some guy in Belgrade is trying to make a quick buck. Well if you don’t want to stay in the Hitler room and rightly so how about the George W Bush, Joseph Stalin or even Margaret Thatcher room and have them looking down on you while you are trying to take a nap- well you can- they also feature in other rooms at “Mr President”. The Hitler room is pretty popular, and sadly all the outrage and controversy it has caused has only helped bookings. Dusan Zabunovic the hotelier at Mr President has been quoted as saying that it’s not wrong to have Hitler in museums like Madam Tussauds so he doesn’t think it is wrong to have him featured in his hotel- well many might like to argue, but there’s always a few who will agree.

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