Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril or Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril in French is one of the premier rides at Disneyland Paris, and with the launch of the latest blockbuster film The Kingdom of the Crystal Scull the ride is even more popular than ever. Unlike the American and Japanese Indiana Jones ride which is set in an amazing indoor sound stage the Temple of Peril is an outdoor thrilling roller coaster adventure where brave travellers hop aboard a runaway mine train through the Temple of Peril. The 1968 feet track has a maximum height of 52 feet above the ground and the experience lasts 1 minute 30 and rival’s the other huge Adventureland ride The Pirates of the Carrbbean for both fun and excitement and was one of the rides which helped kick start Disneyland Paris after it’s less than successful start as Eurodisney in the early 1990’s.

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