Innsbruck’s Goldenes Dachl


The Goldenes Dachl is one of Innsbruck in Austria’s most popular attractions. There isn’t too much to do here just take a photo of the beautiful gold leaf roof and then go find some Schnapps or maybe some of Austria’s beautiful crystal or chocolate. The building was built for the Tirolean sovereigns in the early 15th century. A royal balcony was built at the front of the residence so the royals could sit in luxury and watch tournaments in the square. To make the balcony even more special the roof of it was covered with more than 2600 gold plated copper tiles. Today the beautiful golden roof still glows in the bright Austrian sun and is well worth a visit, even at night the roof glows in the lit square and is quite spectacular.

Map showing Innsbruck in Austria

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  1. #1 john
    on Oct 9th, 2009 at 1:06 am

    Do you remember the quote from the tomb by Maximilian. It is along the lines of ” I must die, I don’t know when; I must go, I don’t know where, Why am I so Happy” any help would be appreciated

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