More green than Paris? well when its not ice and snow.


The beautiful Russian City of St Petersburg claims to have more green space than that of Paris, but for most of the year its ice and snow. But when they are green they are truly beautiful and some of the best gardens in the world. The city boasts about 200 parks and gardens plus thousands of tree lined streets, it is estimated there is about 56 square meters of plant life for every one of the city’s 4.5 million residents. Alexander Gardens is one of the most spectacular, its located opposite the Hermitage and is home to a beautiful illuminated musical fountain and Russia’s oldest Zoo. Once a swamp it is today one of St Petersburg’s favorite places to relax. St Petersburg is also home to Russia’s only botanical gardens and features over 12000 species of plant life including the unique Queen of the Night which blooms every may for only one night.

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